Tuesday, February 21, 2012

T-Shirt bag! Under $3!!

...so, thanks to Pinterest I have a basket full of discarded shirts that I have ear marked for rugs, quilts, pillows and bags....I finally made something other than a pillow!!

I used a navy t-shirt, light-heavy weight interfacing, a white shirt for a lining (otherwise I won't be able to find anything in my dark bag!), an old braided belt & its buckles & I purchased a "buckle" of sorts for $2.49 (-40% coupon at JoAnn's)!! And I completed this bag from start to finish while C was at school one afternoon!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Here are the treats that C is giving his teachers or Valentine's Day, another Pinterest inspiration.

Thanks for Everything Mrs. Komar!

C has had a substitute teacher since the beginning of the year, this Friday is her last day in his class. I saw a cute end-of-the-year flowerpot on Pinterest & made my version (a little more mod) for her.

My version

Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcycling for the Scrap Room

Thank you Pinterest!! I have gotten so many great ideas from the wonderful, collective site.

Below is what I did with 2 Tootsie Roll banks, 2 cereal boxes, a gift box & 1 roll of dollar store contact paper!! $1 = 3 matching pieces for the scrap room!!!

Valentine's Day!

re is the wreath I made while Calvin was at school Thursday,
yep-that fast & easy!

2 spools of ribbon were from the dollar store, 5 more spools of ribbon I have had for years, the tulle was left over from my Christmas wreath, the "P" is from Hobby Lobby ($0.99) & the base, the wreath I tied around was an old cross-stitch frame I bought at Goodwill for $0.50!! ...and it turned out SO CUTE!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bibs Pattern

Size US 6 needles (up to 8 is fine too)

100% cotton yarn (I use Lily's Sugar & Cream the most)

Cast on 40 stitches

  • Knit 64 rows, 7"
  • Row 65 -knit 10 (hold), bind off 20, knit 10
  • Knit last 10 for 5" and bind off, this is the side that you will sew a button onto.

For side with buttonhole:
  • Go back to the 10 stitches that are holding, knit for 4"
  • Next row, knit 4, bind-off 2, knit 4
  • Next row - knit 4, add 2, knit 4, continue knitting until you reach 5"

*The flowers were made of the same yarn as the bibs and sewn on to "stay-put".

**I have no idea where this pattern originated, if anyone has seen it published please let me know, as I would gladly give the owner its rightful recognition.**

"L" is for Laurie!

My sister did another "L" for her room make-over. The buttons are done in
matchy-matchy colors to go with the "L" I made her this fall & she covered
a canvas with burlap for the background.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So...I got this tip off of Pinterest....and it is AWESOME!!
Just cut the green part of the onion that you want to use & put the rest in a glass of water & place by a sunny window.

I was able to keep using the same onions for 2 weeks!!

They grow so fast that you can use them for dinner
2+ nights in a row!!

Kohl's Cares!

This is where & why I get the animals & books for my bib baby gifts,
they are $5 each & go to a great cause!!


And one for a boy!

Welcome baby Zach!!
Zach's bear & bib were accompanied by the book
"Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" by Eric Carle & Bill Martin Jr.


I have been knitting like crazy again....for all of the new babies in our life!! Below are a few pictures of the bibs I did for one of my cousin's new little ones. The stuffed-duckie & matching from Kohl's, they are each $5 & the money goes to the Kohl's Cares kid charity, so I LOVE giving these animals & books....plus the bibs are SUPER CUTE on the animals!!!

*for this gift I also did matching washcloths

At Christmas I did some for baby Paige & put them on Kohl's polar bear with the book, "The Night You Were Born"