Saturday, July 28, 2012


Here are a few of the adventures our Elf on the Shelf got into this past Christmas!  I am in a Christmas in July kinda mood I guess!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 6! The Honduras team will be hosting a day of scrapbooking and crafts at SLPC!   We will run from 9am - 9pm and have snacks and meals provided for the day.  The cost is $35, for the meals, snacks and your own craft table(for digital scrapbookers and sewing machine users, we will have extension cords available too!). 
Door prizes and make'n'takes will be available as well. 
*Also, 2 Cricut machines will be available for use.*
*Proceeds will go to the VBS Progam we will be running in Honduras*

Monday, July 2, 2012 more bib....

Here is my most recent bib / shower gift.  
It was an outdoor shower & was so bright and cheery!


photos by: B MODERN DESIGN


 My new craft-room/home office is coming along nicely!!  We painted it a neutral color (it was min green) and I started adding primary touches and OWLS!! I think they are adorable...and, I have been told that my maiden name, Uhl, means owl in German (the German spelling is eule I believe.)  Also, C had some GREAT owl art from preschool & kindergarten, so it all came together great!!  Here are a few of the owls & art I have added. 

 I had C paint this birdhouse in my "room palette" and it is too cute next to the owl magnet/mini puzzle that my friends Wendy & Will brought me from Cozumel
 C made this owl in 4's preschool, 
I matted it in primary colors for my room
& added the age he was when he made it.
This was a $1 buy at JoAnn Fabrics &
I let C go wild with the crayons!
 C made this one in kindergarten.
it is a crayon owl they made
at the beginning of the year. 
I matted it with a fabric that
looks super cute in my room &
used a damaged frame from JoAnn's
that cost about $2
(the plexi-glass was cracked, so I just took it out)
 Another gift from Wendy!!
This was for my birthday!!
(from Hobby Lobby)
 This is a 4x6 frame that I have had
FOREVER.  I had C draw
a tiny 2.5" x 2.5" owl, matted it
and put acute printed paper behind it.

Paper handprint owl!
This is not my fav 
(the colors are a little dull for me), I re-did it in primary colors 
*pictures of re-do soon!

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!! "

The BEST Pinterest idea YET!!
Take a copy of "Oh, The You'll GO!" and have all the teachers throughout the yearS sign with a special message to your child!!  C is only in Kindergarten and he was already excited about the messages his teachers wrote this year!!  (Also, we received this book as a gift when he was born, so it already has a message from Aunt Jude in it, encouraging & inspiring him for a lifetime of well-wishes and great adventures!!)

BEADS!!!, here's another Pinterest idea!  Melt plastic, CLEAR pony beads at 400 for 20+ minutes!  Wendy & I got a little creative with the designs of these!!  *I will post more pictures of the finished products when I get the holes drilled &me in a 9" pie  hang them outside, they look great!!  We even made some in a 9" pie dish to get some VERY big circles!!

Here is the Pinterest info:
cheap plastic beads, thin layer in pan. 400 degrees for about 20 min. When cool just invert, fall right out

Sweet Summer Treats!

One of my good friends is a Kindergarten teacher and regularly has me make cards for her kiddos.  These ones were inspired by Pinterest (of course) and given out at the end of their summer K-Camp, introducing the new Kindergartners to the school. 


Summer Fun  #cards #craftsPinterest Verssion


 Calvin made this Earth Day picture in school this year & I thought it would be perfect framed as a Father's Day gift....good thing daddy is a Geologist!!  It turned out super cute & the frames were 60% off at JoAnn's. 

I made daddy a rock covered frame, the frame was $5.99 - 40% coupon at JoAnn's and 2 bags of rocks from the dollar store.  It turned out SUPER cute.  ...but...the clear Elmer's glue I used was not the best idea and hot glue showed up too much, cement paste is my next option.  (Will post if those turn out =)