Monday, December 19, 2011


Here are two crafts that did NOT turn out...luckily they were almost free in the supplies department, just time into these hideous gems...and I have a few ideas for attempting them again at another time.

The carafe...made from an old juice container. Worked fairly well since the container was squarish & the mod-podge held well. To make it a little water proof I also put clear contact paper over the scrapbook paper. The top is mod-podged also, but did not hold up as well & the bottle is IMPOSSIBLE to get shiny, even with a bottle-brush scrubbing. It is an "ok" turn out.

As my husband said, "it looks like trash dressed up." - I, unfortunately agree."

The next one is an idea I got from Pinterest. Basically you make an ornament hook, they used string, & then let a giant melty blob of hot-glue melt all over with the hook in it, then add a pipe-cleaner nose & bead eyes & a bead mouth. I did an orange ribbon nose & a pip-cleaner nose, both were cute & easy...however, the beads did NOT stay in the glue & looked terrible if they were pushed in too far, which made them stay, same for the bead or wiggly eyes that I tried. Also, the directions to do the blobs on tinfoil...I could NOT get the foil off of the cooled ornaments!!! Making them on my work mat helped & they pealed right off, but bending the mat to loosen the beads pop-off even faster! Too bad this didn't work out so well, they looked adorable! ...maybe I can get them right by next year...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toy Bin Labels!!

FINALLY! Our toy bins are labelled & the boy no longer has an excuse to not put stuff away or dump stuff out in a search & rescue mission for the right toy...sad, when he asked for them!! (Like Maya & Liam have is how he phrased it to be exact!!...thanks for the inspiration & logos Miss Wendy!! )


My sister & I have recently gone a little wreath crazy (thank you Pinterest!!). She made the fall wreath & I embellished it....then, I made the winter/Christmas ones & cannot seem to stop making them for every door, room or person I know....they take 1-2 hours, are inexpensive & SO CUTE!!!

"L" is for Laurie!

I am helping my sister redo her bedroom....we gave the red "L" a little update!

Here is the finished product!!