Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LEGOs!! OCD has once again found itself in C's room.  Right now his favorite thing to play with is Legos....especially taking the sets his father and I take (sometimes) hours to build...and making his own inventions-only to ask us to rebuild it later.  Thus, the Lego binder was born!  I was tired of misplacing & losing the kit sheets, now they are in one convenient & organized place!!

before organizing....


Sunday, April 8, 2012


I wanted to do some crafts with C over Spring Break....he didn't, until I said it can be an Angry Birds project!  He was in!!  I rinsed (VERY well) a milk gallon jug & cut a hole in it for entry...then C went to work painting pigs & birds.  (I did the eyes & eyebrows for him, per his insistence that they look EXACTLY like the "real" birds.)  I also used a clear coat on top of it all once it had dries to protect it from the weather.  Inside we provided "bedding" for the birds in the form of yarn & felt scraps (from the wreath pictured below.)

Happy Birthday Nana!!

Jay's mom had a birthday this week & I decided to make her a spring/summer wreath.  
It totaled in at $3!!  The wreath was at the dollar store and each of the butterflies
cost $1 at Michael's. 
 I had the felt & at the last minute added the tulle as "leaves" I want one for our house!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Christmas in July?  Try Halloween in April!  I finally made one of my first Pinterest pins...a Halloween picture frame!  It only cost me the $1 dollar store pack of google eyes, an old frame & a little black craft paint (that I already had).  

I LOVE the results & I am now starting my campaign for C to wear a Halloween costume this year that coordinates with it!...I am thinking a multi-eyed alien would do the trick!!

and the best part is that the frame can be turned either way, horizontal or vertical and the eyes wiggle with it - genius!!  *I think I will add a "boo" or "eek" like the Pinterest version.