Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Archiving Art!

Yes, Yes I do keep EVERYTHING my child creates.....whew, I said it.  Now, to tackle it!  I started taking pictures and making Snapfish / Shutterfly* books with his art.  I chose a 12x12 style & lots of clip-art & poems off of the internet to highlight the "theme" of his art.  Because I am a saver/hoarder, I also still had his preschool calendars....so, I knew the date and "day" (theme) they were doing at school when the art was made.  I then measured them & typed up a caption for each piece of art, in the same way a gallery would label a piece.  The best part of the book was being able to put in pictures of him doing/showing his art or even a field trip after a week of themed art projects on the page as well. 
*To get such a big book at a great price, I use MyCokeRewards and cash them in for Snapfish / Shutterfly credits....they have great deals when using "Coke Points" to pay!

Every Owl Needs a House!

I love getting my son to be creative & artsy with me...and he LOVES to paint!!  So, I pick up little items, lie this birdhouse at JoAnn's for $1) and let him go crazy 
with the paints! Here's a little creation he made for the tiny puzzle owl 
given to me by a friend.  

 The flowers in the background are from hen he was 3.  I cut-out a MILLION flowers on the Cricut, let him paint them, once dried - I glued them to popsicle sticks and made arrangements for all the grandmas in our life for Mother's Day.  A very inexpensive and easy gift!  (The glass container and rocks are from Dollar Tree!!)
*The leaves were made using 2 sizes of Creative Memories square punches in 2 shades of green.  Simply use a corner rounder on 2 sides of the square and voila - you have a leaf!


For my 34th birthday, I re-did my craftroom/office!  I went from a minty green & BRIGHT everything, to a gentle tan & pops of bright "grown-up" colors....well, then came the owls.  In German, my maiden name means "owl", so I have always loved them & right now they are more popular than ever.  Here are a few of the owls that I have made or commissioned my 6 year-old to make for me.  (Last year he made an adorable owl in Kindergarten & I had to have a 
room/place for it! :)
This is the one that started the owl craze for me.  Made in kindergarten with crayon on construction paper, plain & simple.  I bought a "fat" square from Jo-Ann's to mat it & have used this fabric in other places of my craftroom as well.

This one was from his 4s preschool class.  Yes - I do save EVERYTHING he makes...you never know when you are going to redecorate a room & have just the right piece of preschool art to decorate with!

$1 at JoAnn's - he LOVES coloring these wooden pieces.

Pinterest Inspired owl.

A little doodle in a 4x6 frame.

I'm an Aunt!


 I am an aunt!  And..it's a GIRL!!  So, the very minute I found out Shelby-Elise was on her way I started knitting!  And of course, I had to learn how to do a ruffle!  Below is the owl (I <3 owls) and, one of, the bibs I made as part of our shower gift to Shelby! 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed PANCAKE!

Too cute!  I LOVE my son's 1st grade teacher! (he had her as a long-term sub last year :)  ...and she, like so many of us, is addicted to Pinterest!!  Woohoo!  For their class Christmas party they did a Pancake Party (one of the children in the class has allergies & this is one of her favorite treats!  They turned out great and the kids had a blast giving the pancakes personalities!!


Summertime Card!!

Well, in my neck of the woods we received over 12" of fluffy snow today....which gives me a chance to finally get a little blogging done.  So, here is a card that I made for a friend of mine, she teaches 25 kindergartners and orders holiday cards from me throughout the year to send home before their breaks.  Below is the summer card I did for her.  
boo, now I want ice cream!