Saturday, November 12, 2011


Here are the 2 arrangements I made today for the front of the church next weekend!!
With or without pedestal? hmmmmm

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let it Snow!

I am SO NOT READY for snow....but I saw this adorable re-purposed milk jug on Pinterest and I HAD TO put my own twist on it.

My twist:
I laminated all of the face pieces & earmuffs, so I could put ol' Frosty out on our front steps

Also I knitted a little scarf out of left over Sugar
'n' cream yarn. (size 8 needles US, c0 6 stitches, knitted until approx. 40" long). I secured the scarf & ear muffs into the jug
with a cute brad on either side going through the scarf or muffs,
into the jug.

One more pillow...

In 2007 J went to help with the Katrina clean-up in New Orleans & bought me a t-shirt in the French Quarter....unfortunately, it never fit quite, it now fits perfectly in our bedroom (or living room - still working on that decision).

**Also, my inexpensive trick to a few of these pillows (this big one especially) is to use throw pillows purchased at a thrift store, $2.99 for this big one, and then cover them, much better cost wise than stuffing them as fluffy as I would like them with bags of stuffing!!

Wall Completed - finally!!

The canvases have been done for some time now & the letters have been laying around for about a, today is the day they all make it on the wall together! And the pictures are on their way (shipped yesterday) from Shutterfly......whew,it feels good to get this project off of my table!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Becky's Bouquet

My sister-in-law to be employed me to make her bridal bouquet & a few of the is the bouquet!

"L" is for Laurie

My sister Laurie is redoing her bedroom (to make room for a craft area!!), here is the first of many crafts for her new boudoir.


OK, so....I decided to not turn this one into a bulletin board & made it into art for my craft room. :)

"C" is still for Calvin

Here is the finished product, the paint definitely made it better.


Fall is here & I am feeling crafty...also, I did a fall cleaning at our house and I am now in the process of re-purposing all of our outgrown or worn out shirts. To date, I have made pillows, next up a rug & a quilt.
The NY one got a little extra attention, glad I bought that taxi-checkered ribbon!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Best crafting tool - EVER!

I was recently in the market for a new craft knife....and Fiskars did not disappoint! For under $5, I bought the best knife, ever! The way the handle is designed, you get extra control over where the knife is cutting & over the amount of pressure you can put into your rocks!


For my latest crayon project, I did a rainbow of melted crayons on a full canvas.

For this one I used Roseart crayons, they seemed to melt a little faster than the Crayola brand, but also needed a few extra layers to cover & "submerge" the canvas in the wax without some of the canvas showing through.

All-inall, I think both types of crayons work well for this project....but be sure to use NEW CRAYONS!! Ones that have been previously colored with & worn down do not melt as well or as evenly as the "fresh" ones.

*I will be adding a title to this canvas & pinning small pieces of Calvin's art on it, sort of a most recent masterpieces board for his many projects.

"C" is for Calvin ...again!

I finally got around to the melted crayon project, my gateway project into the fab world of Pinterest!

I did the project outside - a MUST & was prepared for a mess, MUST #2!!

For the letter "C" project. I used Crayola brand crayons, the yellow seemed to melt a little slower than the other colors, but did a great job & stayed thick enough to cover the canvas thoroughly. I also used the calendar maker cartridge in my Cricut to make the big "C". I did it on fit to page & used the shadow script button...I LOVE this font!!

When finished, I put painters tape on the back of the frame to keep some of the stray drips from getting all over the wall where it is hanging.

One tip I have now that I did one, do 3-5 layers of tape when taping off your monogram & painting the canvas first....these will both help the crayon from bleeding into the monogram. This week, I will be painting the "C" to cover up the bleeding that occurred on my project.