Friday, April 25, 2014

God bless America!!

Just a little canvas art for America!  

Some good old painter's tape and a love for the USA!

Earth Day 2013

What do you get your geologist dad for Father's Day?  You frame your awesome Earth Day art for his office!  Thanks for the great art Mrs. Komar (1st grade)!  I simply covered the background in butcher paper & adhered the art!  It turned out super cute and looks great in J's office!! 


 During some extra "snow time" 
C & I hit the craft room for some canvas fun! 
We got out everything we had for a few of these....including a ton of tops and caps we had set aside to recycle into something great.  Our first idea was a tree...we were recycling on a canvas after all!


And last, but not least....we combined a Cricut cut, a foam circle brush & some more recycled caps.  My Favorite of the three....maybe.