Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bic vs. Sharpie - the Ultimate Crafting Showdown!

OK - 2 more plates with the Sharpie markers....and this time we tossed a few Bic markers into the mix.  And the Bic ones ROCKED!!  (I have the ultra fine & fine ones for my journal - I LOVE how they write!)  My ultimate test was doing lime green (my fav color) on the new plates.  The Bic marker kept its color through the oven process, the Sharpie brand turned green/grey.  

And, once again they are not (to my knowledge) dishwasher proof or food safe, 
but they are ADORABLE!!

We are gearing up for Memorial Day, the 4th & Coast Guard Festival with this one!!

The Sharpie sample....need I say more?
The Bic green sample.

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