Saturday, March 16, 2013

Family Reading Night - Seuss Style

We held a Family Reading Night at our Elementary school last night.....of course we had to do a Seuss are some of the snacks, decorations and activities we did.  

One of our PTA moms loves to do woodwork....I gave her the picture Monday afternoon, by Wednesday she had this made!  THANKS AMY!!!

Truffula Seeds! (Glitter Jelly Beans)

Hop on Pop Popcorn!
Peanuts for Horton!
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!
Green Eggs & Ham of course!
Kohl's Cares animals and books for our Grand Prize Giveaways!

We went to the Scholastic Warehouse and loaded up on books to give away!

Our woodworking mo also made the Seuss sign as a giveaway - she then personalized it for the winner!

Reading area in the middle of the gym.  We had our principal come and read a Seuss story to the kiddos.  We also had a Reading/Therapy dog come for shy readers to practice reading out loud too.


We also made: 
Clover Pencils, Design your own Seuss Creature, Write a Seuss Story, Make a Bookmark & Decorate a Seuss saying!  And it was the last day of our book fair, so parents could come in and shop too!

Seuss on the Loose Rhyming Word Wall!

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